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Through the great Indian sage Manu has glorified Women in these words

The gods rejoice in Sacred Land
Where women due respect command.


The current social scenario suggests just the opposite. Many unfortunate women are leading a dark and desolate life. Sunshine has gone out of their life due to calamities and social atrocities. Dowry victims, deserted women, child widow's fall in this category. The infants and children born out of wedlock, orphaned or abandoned are in no better state. They are sentenced to lifetime neglect for no fault of theirs. As the Dnyanpeeth Awardees Marathi Poet, Kusumagraj puts it, "A huge sector of Indian society consists of a 'epressed' class, a class which has neither the freedom nor the strength to oppose the injustice meted out to them. The women and children of India constitute this depressed and oppressed class". The situation is indeed a heart rending one.

Well, a ray of hope shines in the darkness one that brings the sunshine back into these wretched lives - a ray called "ADHARASHRAM". Adharashram is a well known non-profit NGO institution engaged in the welfare of orphan children and destitute women for last 60 Years. Adharashram is not just a mere sanctuary for those without shelter, it does provide basic amenities like food, shelter and clothing. Moreover it provides medical aid, education. cultivation and rehabilitation and above all it make their life beautiful and meaningful. The life of these helpless individuals is barren and deserted like a moor. Adharashram makes it blossom with joy. Adharashram is verily an Anandahsram - 'an abode of joy'

नका म्हणू अनाथ आम्हाला विनवितो जोडून दोन्ही कर
वसुंधरा ही आमुची माता आम्ही तर देवाची लेकरं

माययशोदेघरी वाढला देवकीनंदन तो मुरलीधर
कुंतीपुत्र कर्णास वाढविती राधेचे ते कर शुभंकर

मानवतेचे थोर पुजारी आमुचे आण्णा करुणाकर
तिमिर हटवूनी प्रकाश देई तो तेजोनिधी भास्कर

गोदातिरी निर्मिले तयाने आधाराश्रम हे आमुचे घर
छायामाया इथे लाभली जीवन झाले किती सुखकर

नको दयेची भीक आम्हाला द्या तुम्ही मायेची पाखर
मोठे होऊन बनवू आम्ही धरणी स्वर्गाहुन सुंदर

डॉ. श्रीकांत पूर्णपात्रे

Future Project

Home for the aged - Adharashram plans to start a Vruddhashram which is need of the hour. Efforts are on to procure land for the scheme, from the government.