Adharasharam performs a great social service by giving children in adoption to childless couples, thereby enriching their lives. ChildMost of the childless couples are desirous of adopting a male child, but in last few years Adharashram has succeeded in convincing many couples for adopting a girl child. The number of girls adopted in last couple of years has exceeded to that of boys.To date more than 700 kids have been given adoption.


The Ashram keeps on eye on the future of theadopted kids. Since 1995, an annual gathering of adopted children’s parents is organized by the Ashram to encourage their mutual acquaintance, exchange of thoughts and discussion of their problems. The foster parents attend these gatherings in large numbers.

Who can adopt?

Any married couple, any single male or female can adopt, however there are certain legal provisions about age of the prospective parent, age of the minor etc.

What is expected from prospective parents?

  • Both husband and wife should agree that they want to adopt the child.
  • The sum total of the age of husband and wife should no exceed 90 years.
  • If the age exceeds the limit it is not possible to adopt a very young child.
  • Parents should have a stable marriage and a reasonable economic condition. It is not expected that the parents should be rich. It is enough if there are able to provide reasonable amenities for the minor and also to provide for good education.

How does the adoption process start?

1. The prospective parents should apply to the institution in proper format.
2. The prospective parents should provide the below mentioned documents

  • Photo of Husband and Wife
  • Proof of marriage
  • Age Certificate
  • Income Certificate
  • If they own any property proof regarding title
  • Proof of residence
  • Physical fitness
  • If they are unable to have a natural born child, then medical certificate to that effect. In case there is no such difficulty then motivation letter. If both the parents are in a job, information about the child care arrangement.
  • If both the parents die prematurely due to some unfortunate incidence, information about who will be taking care of the child and supporting affidavit for such person.
  • Character certificates etc.

If any of the document is not available the prospective parents should not be discouraged but should inform the institution. There may be several alternatives to some of documents. The institution can provide information about the same.

What happens after the application is submitted to the institution ?

  • Parents name is added to the waiting list.
  • They are informed about the expected date when a child is likely to become available.
  • The home of the prospective parents is visited by the social. Documents are verified.
  • Parents and other family members are interviewed and a home study report is prepared by the social worker which is submitted in the court at the time of filling of application under adoption Act.
  • Adv. Shashiprbha Purnapatre handles the court procedure regarding adoptions.


How much time does it take after the name is registered to get a child?

This time varies from institution to institution. At present, in Adharashram, it is roughly 3 years for a male child and 2 years for a female child.

Court procedure.

  • An application is filed in the court seeking permission from the court to be appointed as guardian of person of minor also permission is sought to adopt the child.
  • All the supporting documents which are described herein above are filed in the court along with the application. At the time of application the custody of the child is handed over to the parents by executing a foster care agreement.
  • There after it is observed as to whether the child is well looked after by the parents and whether there is bonding between the child and parents.
  • The social worker visits the home of parents to verify whether the parents are taking proper care of the child, whether immunization schedule is being followed and whether the child has developed attachment and affection for the prospective parents. The social worker submits periodic reports to the court where the application is under consideration.

If it is found that parents are taking satisfactory care and they have developed strong bonds with the child and on verification of the supporting documents, the parents are called before the court and court satisfies itself that the child is well adapted in the home of prospective parents, the application is allowed and the court then passes necessary orders and permits the parents to adopt the chills.

What Happens next ?

After the order of the court, adoption deed is registered in the office of sub-registrar. The date of birth of minor is recorded in municipal corporation record, And birth certificate is obtained. Even thereafter for two years the social workers visit the homes of parents to confirm that proper care is being taken with respect to minor.