Children Welfare

Activities of Adharashram are mainly focused in two areas such as child welfare and women’s welfare.Balgruha


Adharashram is recognized by Govt. of Maharashtra as a child care centre. Boys up to 6 years and girls below 12 years can be admitted to this section. Capacity of this section. About 100 children, orphans or one parent children belonging to poor section of society are admitted in these sections. The occupancy is almost 100%. They are provided with decent accommodation, nutritious food educational facilities.

Special Adoption Agency (SAS) (formerly known as Shishugruha)

ShishugruhaShishugruhaGovt. of India has recognized Adharashram as an ‘Infant Care Centre’. And special adoption agency. Adharashram is the only SAA in the country which has been granted two units each of minimum 70 inmates, but we usually have about 40 infants in this section i.e. about double the sanctioned strength. Infants born out of wedlock or to the unwell mothers are usually discarded and thrown away in public places. These Orphans are given paternal protection and maternal care in this section. A staff consisting of nurses, ayas, and caretakers about 80 in number is working round the clock to take care of these God’s children. The Ashram is proud of its service minded staff that renders humanitarian services like feeding, nursing and medical care to the orphans with a sense of dedication; they are indeed “Yashodamatas” of present times. Eminent doctors of city like Dr. Anuradha Dasputre (Pediatrician) Dr. Mrs. Nandini Kibe (Family Physician) Dr. Bhushan Surjuse (HIV consultant) Dr. Pavin Supe (Physician) Dr. Archana Kelkar (Family Physician) provide honorary services to provide medical services to the orphans. Several other consultant doctors from the city are also associated with us as honorary doctors. A special feature of this section is that HIV positive children are also accepted and provided all the best medical care. It is hardly a matter of surprised that many of our children have received prize’s in healthy Baby competition.

Educational Facilities

primary-educationnursery-educationAshram runs Mukund Balmandir a pre-primary nursery in Ashram premises for about 30 children. Girl students receive Primary Education at Mohinidevi Roongta Vidya Mandir. And Secondary Education at Pushpavati Roongta Kanya Vidyalaya. Both these schools are located opposite Ashram just crossed the road. We have employed teachers to get home work done. We aim at all round development of our inmates. Therefore we also conduct yoga, dance, music, hobbies and handicraft classes.

Extra co-curricular activities

Extra co-curricularExtra co-curricularThe Ashram aims at all round development of our girl students. Special efforts are put in to promote their hidden talents and imbibe the spirit of discipline and culture. Music lessons are imparted in Saraswati Sadhana class. Hobby classes, framing in painting and handcrafts, dance classes, yoga classes, cultural classes are regularly conducted in the Ashram premises. It is matter of pride and pleasure to put record that our Ashram Kanyas have excelled in various extra curricular activities like sports, dance and other events and have won many awards.

Children park

Children park children-parkWe do not believe only in curricular studies. Our must enjoy life truly. We have therefore raise Dr Vishnu Behere children’s park in the vicinity of Ashram. Equipments for variety of games like slides, see-saw, swings, and merry-go-round have been installed in this park. Children enjoy these games in the evenings.

An audio visual centre has been created in the Ashram where entertaining films as well as educational films are regularly screened fir the benefit of Ashram kanyas. We also provided psychotherapy, counseling and music therapy to our inmates.


Picnics & Trips

picnicpicnic2Our school going children can easily join school trips and visit various places in our country. Ashram has extended this privilege to Ashram Kanyas and have organized 8 trips in last few years.

Our girl students have visited places like Bordi, Wai-Mahabaleshwar-Pratapgad, Kolhapur-Jyotiba-Panhala-Pachgani, Sihagad-Ratnagiri-Ganpatipule-Raigad, Aurangabad-Paithan-Shegaon-Karanja across Maharashta, Hyderabad-Ramoji film city-Golkonda fort and Goa. Ashram is thankful to our NRI friend Atul Dhokte who sponsors these trips and donates about Rs. 1-5 Lakh every year to meet the trip expenses.

Medical facilities

Medical Facilitesmedical-facilitiesTo provide continuous medical attention and care to about 150 children is not an easy job. Our dedicated and service minded medical and paramedical staff works round the clock to provide nursing and medical care to the children. Dr. Anuradha Dasputre, Dr. Nandini Kibey, Dr. Sagar Sonawane, Dr. Bhoosan Surjuse. Dr. Pravin Supe visit the Ashram regularly and render their services.

amway-physiotherapy-centerPhysiotherapy Center

Ashram is not meant for physically handicap children. But our aim is provide support to all the homeless children whether handicapped or not. As the number of handicapped children grew more it was necessary to establish a physiotherapy centre in the ashram premises itself.

Our esteemed well wisher Amway Opportunity foundation voluntarily came forward and provided all the financial support for the same. Thus one more step was taken in furtherance of accomplishment of our cherished goal. Help the homeless. Special mention must he made of Physiotherapist of Shripad Gholap who renders his honorary services to these handicapped children. The children receiving treatment in this centre have shown astonishing and unbelievable progress.