Way back in 1954, Police came across two girl infants abandoned on the banks of river Godavari, Nashik (Maharashtra, India). They handed over the babies to Smt. Laxmibai Datar, an old philanthropic woman. Laxmibai Datar in turn, handed over the babies to her son late Vaidya Annashastri Datar (an Ayurveda practitioner) and asked him to take up the cause of orphans and create an institution for their welfare.


Inspired by his mother’s advice, teachings and blessings, Annashastri Datar, with the help of his like minded colleagues, founded Anath Mahila Ashram for welfare of orphans and desolate women on 4th April 1954, Chaitra Shuddha Pratipada i.e. Gudhi Padwa. Later on 25th Sept. 1981, the name of Ashram was changed to more meaningful one i.e. Adharashram -  an  abode of support. Adharashram is not a hospital. It is their home, which can be called as Anandashram an abode of happiness. Annashastri was supported by likeminded colleagues. Those who helped him with foundation were Shri. Mukundshastri Bapat, Smt. Indirabai Bapat, Founder President Dr.P.S.Gupte, Smt. Indutai Khadilkar, and founder Secretary Shri. P. R. alias Baba Vaidya. They were later joned by Shri. P. V. Upadhye.

mukundshastri-bapat indirabai-bapat Founder President Dr.P.S.Gupte indirabai-khadilkar p-r-vaidya p-v-upadhya


Building a Home

historyThe Ashram was initially housed in Annashastri’s house itself. Later on it was transferred to Smt. Indiratai Bapat’s house. For want of accommodation it was shifted again. Smt. Laxmibai Datar provided a full storey of her house for the institution. The Ashram soon outgrew this place too and was shifted to Dr. R. V. Kelker’s house. In course of time thisyashwantrao chavan premises too proved insufficient and so the founders started thinking of constructing a new building for the Ashram. Their efforts were rewarded and a plot was allotted to the institution by the then Nasik Municipality on lease for 99 Years. Ashram’s own building construction was under taken. The construction of building was hampered by a shortage of funds. Founder Annashastri Datar saved the situation by raising funds through mortgage of his and his brother’s house. Annashastri’s dedication for the institution and his generosity is certainly without a parallel. In 1970 the Ashram shifted to the new premises. Bhoomi pujan was performed by the Defense Minister Shri. Yashwantrao  Chavan.

Years passed on. The number of  orphans  and women inmates crossed the figure of 100. We therefore decided to construct a new three storeyed building equipped with the requisite infrastructure. The then MLC Mrs. Nishigandha Mogal and former minister of health of state Mrs  Shobha Bacchav contributed Rs.10 lakh each from their MLC/MLA funds. The rest of the amount was contributed  by kind Nashikites. Finally building construction was completed at the cost of Rs. 2 crores.