Our Team

Adharshram is a well known institution engaged in the welfare of orphan children and destitute women for last 60 Years. The Ashram provides not only food, clothing and shelter to these unfortunate individuals but also makes their life beautiful and purposeful by taking care of their education, health, and rehabilitation. We owe our success to our team members.team

Our team can broadly classified as -

1) Management team.
2) Employees

Management team consists of three bodies –

1) Executive Committee ( Karyakari Mandal)
2) Board of Trustees (Vishwastha Mandal)
3) Advisory Council (Sallagar Mandal)

The executive Committee or Karyakari Mandal

It consists of 13 members as follows.
i) President
ii) Vice-President (One has to be lady)
iii) Secretary (One has to be lady)
iv) 8 members

The day- to-day administration is looked after by secretaries with consent and advice of President. All major financial and administrative decisions required approval by the executive committee.

The Board of Trustees or Vishwastha Mandal

It consists of five members out of which two should be women. Job of trustees are to render advice to Karyakari Mandal as and when asked for. By convention a trustee or senior experienced member of ashram has to be a past president of Ashram.

Advisory Council

The council consists of minimum 7 members out of which one should be expert in building construction, one lawyer, one lady doctor, two social workers and two respected senior figures of society.

The tenure of all the three bodies is 3 years. These bodies are elected by the general body consisting of patrons (this category of membership is discontinued now) and life members.

Management Team

Dr. Shrikant Purnapatre President Trustee
Dr. Sunetra Sarode Vice-President Shri. Vijay Datar Mrs. Anuradha Kelkar
Prof. Pramod Wagdarikar Vice-President Shri. Madhavrao Patil Dr. Lata Patankar
Prof. Nisha Patil Secretary Smt. Pushpatai Hiray  
Shri. Prabhakar Kelkar Secretary    
Members Advisor
Mrs. Shubhada Barde Vaidya Swanand Pandit Adv. S.L. Deshpande Dr. Mrs. Anuradha Dashputre
Shri. Keshav Sahasrabuddhe Mrs. Smita Patankar Dr. Mrs. Nandini Kibe Dr. Mrs. Jyotsna Dumbre
Mrs. Shubhanjali Padekar Mrs. Pratibha Burkule Mrs. Ramila Patel Shri. Rajendra Saraf
Mrs. Sunita Paranjape Dr. Praveen Supe Dr. Y. M. Barve Shri. Anil Mehta
    Shri. S. R. Rahalkar, CA  

Our employees

We have about 75 which include office staff i.e. accountants, clerks, social workers, watchmen etc. The rest of the staff includes nurses, ayas (nanny), supervisors, caretaker, cooks, sweepers and others. Office staff works from 11am to 6pm. All other work in three shifts round the clock.