Women Welfare

police-sub-inspectorThe department of women welfare, Govt. of Maharashtra has recognized Ashram for Adhargruh scheme. The Ashram offers shelter to dowry victims, deserted women and helpless women. Welfare of destitute, desolate discarded unfortunate women is our important sphere of activity. Women belonging to 16 to 60 year of age group are given opportunities to undertake job-oriented courses or to complete their education. One of our former inmates is Police sub-inspector, one is hotelier, one is journalist, and few are employee as bank clerks, receptionists and computer operators. Some are beauticians.

When girls attain marriageable age we find suitable bridegroom and organize their marriage. To date 56 girls – have got married and are leading happy married life.

Dowry victims

Deserted women are also given shelter and educational facilities to make them self sufficient. We provide moral support to women driven out of their family members, in laws, bring about a amicable mental reunion and rehabilitate them in their families honorably.



hostelAdharashram also run a working women hostel in Nashik for women employee with low income.. ‘Safe’ and decent accommodation is provided to working women at nominal charges. Situated on the banks of river Godavari, the hostel offers accommodation for 80 women. The hostel is well furnished with facilities like beds, fans, cupboards and water heaters. The project, started in 1991, has received grant Rs. 14.5 Lacs from Govt. of India and Rs. 75,000/- from Nashik Municipal Corporation. Adharashram has contributed Rs. 5 lacs to this project. Thanks to the keen interest shown by. Shri. Ganpatrao Kathe, the then MLA. Nashik Municipal Corporation has raised a little garden in the vicinity of this hostel.


lost foundLost and found

We also undertake unenviable task of finding out parents of children lost in yatra, fairs, journeys and restore the kids to their families.

Such is the huge and wide arena of our activities. We consider our institution not as a one more charitable trust but as a mega family of about 150 children, our selfless workers, adoptive parents, well wishers and employees. To manage this mega family is not a child’s play. It requires a lot of management skills, management with a humane touch, as we do not deal with groceries, machines commodities but with unfortunate, innocent human lives.

Weddings of Ashram Kanyas

weddings-ashram-kanyas weddings-ashram-kanyasWhen the girls complete their education and attend the marriageable age, efforts are made to find suitable life partner for them. It is an uphill task and great social responsibility carried out by Ashram. To date 57 girls got married and they are living happy married life. They are overwhelmed with joy when they visit Ashram during festivals like Mangala Gaur, Deepavali and others.

Some of them are working as beauticians, Nurses, Police women, Journalists etc and have thus made a significant achievement in their careers. One of them has earned fame as an hotelier. It gives us great satisfaction to see them as self supporting, independent and proud citizens of our country.