Legal Adoption

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Legal Adoption

Adoption is one of our prime activities. Children are surrendered to us either by the unwed mothers or by families and parents who are unable to take care of them. At times, the child is abandoned at public places and the local police team retrieves the child and brings him/her to us.

Once the child is given in our care, our expert staff and medical team takes care of the child's medical, health, personal and emotional needs.

After the child is cleared by the visiting doctors, the social workers take over and sign the child up for adoption. Our team of social workers are experienced in this field and they make sure the child gets adopted in a loving and caring home. To make sure the child gets a proper environment to grow and flourish, the parents are screened and researched thoroughly before adoption takes place.

Till date our ashram has conducted around 900+ successful adoptions. And it is a pleasure to see our kids in their loving homes growing and thriving. Adoption brings smiles and satisfaction on the faces of the children as well as the childless couples.

Who can adopt?

Any married couple or single individual can adopt a child. However, there are certain legalities regarding the age of the prospective parent and the child. Adoptions are conducted under the relevant government bodies and legislation. If you are interested in adopting then please visit to the Central Adoption Resource Authority website. i.e The family has to first register online and choose their Specialized Adoption Agency near to their residence. We give counseling and home study support by experienced and professionally qualified social workers to prospective adoptive families living in Nashik.

Court procedure

An application has to be filed in the court for the permission for Adoption of a minor. All the supporting documents mentioned in CARA Regulation submitted along with the application. At the time of the application the custody of the child is handed over to the parent by executing a foster care agreement.

Then the social workers of the concerned SAA observe the progress/ development of child placed in the family and the bonding between them. They also find out whether the child is medically properly looked after and the immunization schedule is followed. They observe how well the new relationship is developing and submit periodic reports to the court.

After verification of documents and satisfactory reports received from social workers the parents are called before the Court and when the Court is satisfied about the congenial child-parent relationship, the application is granted and the Court passes necessary orders and permits for adoption.